chiropractic adjustments are necessary

Have you considered seeing a chiropractor in Merrick NY? Chiropractic care helps maintain your body naturally. We look to see where muscle spasms and pain arise. It could be from a pinched nerve, bulged disc, or herniated disc. If you have lack of motion, muscle spasms, or disc injury it can cause loss of motion in the spine and body. If left for a prolonged period of time it can produce degenerate changes to the spine and body. With chiropractic adjustments, you can give your body the best possible opportunity to prevent this or give your body the best chance to return to a healthy state.

Why is Chiropractic Care Necessary in Merrick NY?

Chiropractic care is necessary because it keeps the body balanced and in tune with itself to maintain its normal function. Many of our patients after their adjustments feel a significant decrease in muscle spasms, pain, and increase in mobility.

More than One Way

There are many diverse techniques in the chiropractic profession. Our office is well-rounded in many techniques within the profession, such as the Pro-Adjuster, SOT, DNFT, Applied Kinesiology, Cox Flexion-Distraction, Activator, Diversified Technique, Thompson Drop Pelvic Technique, and Pierce-Stillwagon Drop Cervical Technique. Our office specializes in focusing on the entire spine, however, sometimes an individual only needs one region to be worked on. The doctors at Sunrise Chiropractic are trained with their techniques to alleviate pain, promote a healthier lifestyle, and overall well-being.

A Natural Pain Killer

Chiropractic adjustments release natural endorphins, which are in our body. The adjustment will release the endorphins allowing a natural painkiller to occur and help heal the body. The spinal cord is composed of nerves that innervate muscles and organs to maintain vitality within the body. The majority of our patients feel relief following their adjustment and continuously improve with care. The proof is with our patients that have been with us for decades.

For You and Everyone, You Know

Over the years, our office has treated newborns, teenagers, pregnancies, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and all types of families. The doctors at Sunrise Chiropractic also have experience working with patients that have had previous surgeries, such as back, neck, hip, shoulder, and knee surgery. We evaluate every individual and treat every patient with the care that is specific to them. You are our top priority at Sunrise Chiropractic & Wellness Office in Merrick, NY. Call us today and start your path to a healthier you!


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