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Lecture Series

Dr. Fred Jones is available to speak to your group or organization on the following topics:

Boosting Your Health Potential and Reducing Stress

Stress, when successfully managed, increases productivity and creativity. Stress, when poorly managed causes illness (physical and emotional) and leads to failure. Learning how to manage stress is a leading health concern!

During this dynamic workshop you will discover a whole new way of viewing stress. Dr. Jones will show you how to handle stress and turn it into a personal power you can use effectively

You will learn:

• How to identify the hidden stressors in your life that can be limiting you

• The physical effects of long term stress on your body

• Powerful secrets of turn stress into a positive experience

• Nutritional factors to beat stress and boost your health potential

Secrets to a Healthy Back

Back injuries account for more lost work days than the common cold and they can affect up to 80% of all Americans. These staggering statistics have prompted Dr. Jones to develop a workshop to teach employees how to reduce their chance of back injuries. The workshop will cover:

• Why poor posture can set you up for an injury

• Specific tests that can evaluate the hidden weaknesses in the back

• Job specific activities to prevent the silent back syndrome

• Dynamic rehab exercises that can help strengthen a weak back

Little Known Secrets for Creating Increased Energy & Vitality in Your Life

You can be healthier, lose weight, and improve your fitness much easier than you think. Dr Jones and his wellness team will share with you the secrets that have helped hundreds of his patients experience a renewed level of health and vitality. By the end of his workshop you will have an effective plan to achieve the health goals you desire.

For more information or to schedule a lecture, call Dr. Jones at (516) 378-0404.